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"An Evolution of Angels" 2002
Acrylic on canvas 198x300 cm
Private Collection - Coimbra, Portugal

Selected for the 1st International Salon of Contemporary Artists - Oeiras, Portugal

“The eye wherein I see God, that is the same eye wherewith God sees in me; my eye and God’s eye, that is one eye and one vision and one knowing and one love.” - Meister Eckhart

A cover of National Geographic (April 1997) haunted me. It showed a detail of a photograph taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. It is of a dying star in the Helix Nebula 8,000 light-years ago. It looked like “the eye of God”. 

The universe of the eye is the universe of the artist.

All the angels are MESSENGERS:

  • The first realm of three comes from the “Sun-eye” and they bring the tool of fire from the Source to all life forms. The gift of fire is intellectual. The idea.

  • The second realm of three comes from the Earth. The application of the tool, how to use it. It is awesome in its power to create and destroy. We must learn. The gift becomes physical. The construct.

  • The third realm of three comes from Air. There is no “good”; there is no “evil”. From acceptance and application we awaken to flight. The gift becomes spiritual. Once the idea becomes constructed, we can let it go. The liberation.

  • The fourth realm of three comes from Water. The Triple Goddess in her aspects as Virgin, Mother, and Crone. She gives birth, nurtures and takes life. The gift becomes intuitive. The truth beyond reason.

Each comes from and goes to the Eternal Source. Each angel is a colour of the twelve tones (hue or music). There is no dichotomy here but rather an infinity of possibilities.

- h. michael wieben, May 2002